A Class Presented By Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza

Sacred Boundaries: For Women & Femmes of Color seeking Decolonial Healing

A class to help you learn about boundaries from a decolonial healing perspective, to help you understand why you've been programmed to feel like you shouldn't have any, and why it is crucial to honor your sacred boundaries for your healing and liberation.

Your boundaries are sacred because the system benefits from you not having any.

Offered on a sliding scale of $75 to $125

Guided journal workbook & Captioning provided.

In This Class, You'll Learn:

⫸ What boundaries actually mean

⫸ How to shift your mindset about boundaries

⫸ What healthy boundaries can look like

⫸ How colonial patriarchal programming has impacted our boundaries

⫸ Boundaries as liberation

Beloved, learning about and honoring your boundaries is essential to your wellness and your decolonial healing journey.

If you remain where you are, without sacred boundaries, you will continue to exist in colonial servitude.

You will continue to exist for everyone else but yourself.

You will continue to take on everyone else's problems, leaving no room for you.

I want you to know beloved that you are not responsible for the emotions and actions of others.

Continuing to live without boundaries and believing that you don’t deserve to have them will leave you feeling burnout, frustrated, full of resentment, in one-sided or exploitative relationships, and with decreased self-worth.

Beginning to end this cycle of colonial intergenerational trauma starts with increasing your awareness and shifting your mindset.

This means learning that having boundaries doesn’t make you a “mean” person.

It makes you a sovereign person.

You’ve been programmed to be a martyr, to be obedient, to exist without boundaries for the benefit of others.

No more.

You deserve to be whole, well, and sovereign.

Peace and wellness is your birthright.

And honoring your sacred boundaries will help get you there.

This Class Is For You If...

⫸ You continue to find yourself thinking that you don’t deserve to have boundaries

⫸ You are prepared to start the journey of unlearning harmful beliefs that dishonor your boundaries

⫸ You are prepared to unlearn how you’ve been programmed to be complicit in your oppression

⫸ You are ready to start the journey of creating more space for you

⫸ You sense that not honoring your boundaries is related to colonial programming and colonial intergenerational trauma

Saludos beloved, I’m Dra. Rocio

As a Xicana, Mexicana, first-generation daughter of “immigrants”, daughter of parents and grandparents that lived in poverty, an eldest daughter of an eldest daughter of an orphaned daughter raised by a single mother, I intimately know what it’s like to inherit and internalize the colonial capitalist patriarchy. For most of my life, I existed without boundaries because of colonial intergenerational trauma. My mothers and ancestral mothers learned to live in servitude to survive and I learned the same.

It took me a long time to learn that I was not responsible for everyone. I learned the hard way, I lived in daily pain for 6 years and lost my health. I lost my tenured professorship because of my disability and fought hard to rebuild my life and get back into harmony. Looking back, my life was so out of balance, I was last on my list because I cared about everyone else and felt guilty for caring for me when there was so much injustice in the world. I realize now this is part of the colonial trauma and servitude.

I want you to know beloved that you deserve to be well. You do not have to wait until the systems are dismantled to be well because otherwise we will continue to suffer and that is exactly what they want. You’ve suffered enough beloved, you deserve to be well.

Our wellness is our birthright. Our wellness also how we dismantle the colonial capitalist patriarchy.

I’m a Seer, a Medicine Woman, & I have a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. I am also a mama, and a feminist, womanist, muxerista. What I bring in my work with folx is my intuitive and psychic abilities as well as my clinical training and teaching experience as a tenured professor. I have 20 years of experience conducting cultural, social, and psychological research, 17 years of experience as a healer in counseling & coaching, and 16 years of experience teaching courses in anti-oppressive work and helping skills. I am multiskilled and yet, what I feel are my unique gifts are my heart, my sense of compassion, my visionary leadership, and my ability to tap into the spiritual realms.

I come from a long line of healers and my Seer abilities have always been with me, since childhood. I am committed to ongoing learning so that I can be of the highest service and am currently on the Medicine Woman path in an apprenticeship with Pampa Mesayoq Don Alejandro Apaza of the Qero Inca Nation and Initiated Mesa Carrier and Medicine Woman Marilu Shinn. I am also a Reiki practitioner learning traditional Japanese Reiki from traditional Japanese Reiki educator Marika Clymer.

As a clairsentient, or an “empath” that cares deeply about equity, restoring humanity and our relationship to Mother Earth, I deeply understand the importance and challenge of living in alignment with our values while also making space for ourselves. I have healed from much of my colonial patriarchal intergenerational trauma and, I am still on the journey with you.

It is my deep honor to use my psychic abilities, and training to help empathic, intuitive Black, Indigenous, Women & Femmes decolonize their mind and liberate their spirit so that they can experience wellness and step into their power and soul purpose.

As my ancestors did, it is my highest calling and passion to walk this journey with you to facilitate your healing and unlearning with the intention of birthing the New Earth. The revolution starts with honoring you beloved so that you carry this energy into the world. You are here because I deeply believe your ancestors choose you to end the cycle of colonial intergenerational trauma. May you honor the call.


⫸ The recording of the 75-minute lesson
⫸ Book references
⫸ A workbook to help you to engage deeper with the class and the content